Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where's The Outrage?

The last blog post that I made was back in September, days after a bad call determined the outcome of a football game.  In that post, I asked why there was such outrage about this bad call, considering that it only affected the outcome of a GAME.  Yes, only a game.  It had no bearing on the life of anyone outside of the 2 sports organizations playing in that game (unless people were wagering money, then it had an effect, depending on how they wagered).

Anyway, the press went berserk about this bad call.  They wanted the regular refs back and wanted the league to give them anything that they asked for.  This was all that the press (both sports press and regular news press) seemed to talk about for days.  Everyone was a critic about the NFL commisioner, and how he mismanaged this whole referee situation.  He was incompetent.  He needed to step down.  He was ruining football as we know it.

Yet, not even 2 weeks prior to that bad call, something much more important happened on the world stage that could have a much larger effect on this country.  That was the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  In that attack, several were killed, included our Ambassador to Libya.  We were attacked on the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

For many days, we were told that this attack happened because of some obscure video on the internet that insulted Mohammed.  We were told that those who attacked our consulate were not terrorists.  We were told that this was not an organized protest.  We were told that we need to be more tolerant and not insult the prophet of Islam.  We were told how it was the intelligence community's fault.  We were told how it was the State Department's fault.  Some even seemed to indicate that somehow it was Romney's fault.  I am sure the President was even trying to figure out how they could blame President Bush for what happened.

And now, what we find out today, is that the administration knew what had happened, mere hours after the events of that fateful 9/11 afternoon and evening in Libya.  They had intelligence that there was trouble in Libya.  We now have e-mail evidence that the administration knew what was going on, almost as it happened.  They have e-mail evidence of the group who took credit for the attack on our consulate.  And yet they have lied to this country for the last 42 days about the events of that day, and they continue to lie to us.  This is something worthy of our outrage.  Yet, the media chose to be outraged at Gov. Romney for correctly calling this an act of terrorism.

  • Where was the outrage from the media when our consulate was attacked and US citizens were killed?
  • Where was the outrage when the President and his people tried to blame this whole incident on an unknown video about Islam?
  • Where was the outrage when the President blamed this on everyone but did not take any responsibility?
  • Where is the outrage that the President went out of town on a fundraiser, mere hours after these events, knowing what had happened?
  • Where was the outrage when Hillary Clinton fell on the proverbial sword for this administration and the President let her do it, knowing that it should have been him?
  • Where is the outrage that the President still has not come clean on this?
  • Where is the outrage at a President who cannot, and will not, tell the truth to the American people about what happened on that day?
  • Where is the outrage at the now-public e-mails, that indicated the administration knew what was going on, yet decided to tell the American people a false narrative of the events of that day?

Isn't this just a little more important than the outcome of a football game?  Isn't this more important than what the Kardashian family is up to?  Isn't this more important than who various Hollywood celebrities are going to vote for?  In other words, why does the media choose to cover all of these secondary news stories, instead of covering a story that involves the security of our nation?

Simply put, they are covering for the President.  They want him to be re-elected, and they will do anything that they can to stifle news that does not put a positive light on the President.  Unfortunately, some still fall for the media narrative.  Thankfully, more and more people have figured out the media agenda, and they are choosing to ignore it.

John C. Maxwell has said that leadership is taking more than your fair share of the blame and less than your fair share of the credit.  This is something that our President has yet to learn.  He continues to blame his predecessor for anything that goes wrong, but he is more than happy to take credit for other people's work.

That is not what this country needs in a leader.  We need a leader who we can be proud to follow, not a leader who tells us that we need to be proud to follow him.  President Harry Truman once said that "The buck stops here."  Maybe that is a lesson that our President needs to learn.

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